Your Floor's best friend

Your Floor's best friend

OUR CUSTOM FLOORMAts for your business

Where innovation meets comfort. Elevate your space with our custom floor mats and rugs. Tailor every aspect, including size, shape, and color. Integrate your brand seamlessly into every fiber. Effortless B2B services, letting you focus on your business. Make a lasting impression with personalized flooring solutions. Ready to transform your floors? Let's create together.


Design your perfect rug—tailored to your needs with size, shape, and colors. Each rug, a masterpiece, crafted with luxury materials and expert precision, fulfills your unique desires. Express yourself effortlessly with our customs. Your home, your design, your comfort. Because at DeurMatties, we understand your individual needs.

our customers created these


1. Find Inspiration:

Explore our collection or ignite your creativity with your unique ideas.

2. Design Crafting:

We refine your ideas into a tailored design concept, ensuring it reflects your style and space essence.

3. Material Selection:

Premium materials enhance the overall look, feel, and longevity of your custom rug. No matter your budget, we have materials that fit your needs.

4. Crafting:

Your custom rug is finished and ready for production. We go on to transfering the digital design onto the fibers of your new rug.

5. Unveiling your masterpiece:

The eagerly anticipated moment arrives. Your custom-made rug is delivered, a tangible reflection of your style and a testament to art.

Calling all visionary artists and designers!

Unleash your imagination and transform your artistic dreams into tangible, cozy masterpieces. We understand that every stroke of your creative genius is unique, and that's why we're thrilled to offer you the canvas of comfort: custom-designed rugs.
Why settle for ordinary when you can walk on art?


tailored to perfection


VIBRant colors, lasting impressions


quality that speaks for itself

Ready to turn your imagination into an artful reality? Let's embark on this creative journey together. Explore the endless possibilities of personalized rug designs.

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