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Measure the area you
wish to upgrade.



Create your design
or let us help you.*



Send in your design
and we will bring it to life.*

*If you don’t have the ability to design it yourself we will gladly step in and help you to the best of our ability. Make sure that when you send in your own designs that you follow the upload requirements stated on this page.

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De sizing is derived from a rectangular shape. When choosing a custom shaped floormat the size of the floormat equates to an equivalently sized rectangular floormat. Make sure that your design reaches the edge of the image to assure maximum length and width.


Design and upload your own unique designs for us to bring to life. All uploaded designs need to be uploaded as a PDF-, TIFF- or Jpeg-file to ensure the most accurate results.

If you are not able to design it yourself than we can help you. Tell us what your vision is and we will do our best to make it a reality. We take our time to ensure that your custom floormat becomes best friends with your floors and that every unique detail is captured in the weaves of the floormat..


We offer 2 shapes for the custom floormats. The classic rectangle and The DeurMatties Custom. The DeurMatties Custom is a uniquely shaped floormat that fits your exact workspace. A shape that you get to choose and design. This custom shaped floormat is for those who want to ad flare to their workspace with this unique floormat.


Our floormats come in different thicknesses and qualities to
accommodate all business whether you’re a starting entrepreneur or a multi-million dollar enterprise. Ranging from our Basic all the way up to our Elite floormats.


When filling in the form and uploading your design you have to make sure that everything is filled in correctly. Any incorrect fields or files can cause the process to take longer or in extreme cases a incorrect floormat. Double check and press send!